Swimming in April

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Today, I wanted to swim outdoors. It being April, and my being in Switzerland did very little to deter me. I am one of those people who has an uncontrollable urge to get into any pool of water. I have had this feeling for years even though I nearly drowned at very bad swim lessons at age 8. I have been known to step into public fountains, and swim at night in phosphorescent plankton filled seas. I guess it is my way of feeling free. So with today's balmy air temperature, I set out on a mission to swim in the river. A swim in leg numbing glacial waters seemed just the thing to jolt me into feeling alive. The water smelled wonderfully of moss after a spring rain, a mother duck cruised by with ten offspring, and most of all I felt really grateful to climb back onto that island. Sometimes we get so caught in living by a certian set of rules that we forget what it is that makes us feel free. What is is to feel like ourselves...no matter how unconventional that may be.

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cally said...

So glad you swam. A good thing for you to do. I love how you describe the details, especially the mossy smell.

I got wet today, not a swim, but a splash in a little burn (brook) with new dog who's name is now Lucy. To see her change from plodding slightly overweight lady to joyous bouncing splashing excited girl was so enlivening I had to join in.

Makes me feel good to know you found the water you needed when you needed it.