Pond scum

When I tell people I am living in Switzerland, they don't picture me up to my armpits in pond scum. I hate to break it to them, but the same was the case in Hawaii. There is something special about these detached bits of stagnation. The life in them is truly amazing. Pond scum has become like the character in these videos. I view the world through the shifting masses of color and texture. Apple blossoms fall upon the surface and a dragonfly zip overhead. I always have been interested in viewing the world through another perspective;it is what draws me to travel. The funny thing is that I will know only one pond, cove, cave or alley intimately in each place I go. I spent two years in Hawaii returning to one cove where a sandbar appeared nearly every day to isolate it from the greater sea. When the floods came I was there. I never tired of it. It was my stage.

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cally said...

you're so visceral, i like that.

when i walked Lucy the other day someone offered me the use of their bin to dump my little black bag of poo, i had to explain it wasn't dog poo, it was rabbit poo, and i was keeping it...a memento of a slow and peaceful walk in an old haunt where i used to make rabbit dropping sculptures.