Me and one of my projects of 2012
I looked back upon my own writings this morning, something that I rarely do.  The words and feelings get put down, but then are swept away by the wind.  I look back upon my return to New York City so many months ago, and think of the many changes that have occurred in these last few months.  In many ways, I lived quite freely in the world this year, but in other ways I felt distracted  by the constant change around me.

There were three ruling forces that set the tone for the year:

1) adventurous, not well thought out travel
2) reestablishing a connection with the earth
3) making the effort at learning things that I had always wanted to learn, but had somehow avoided

So what came of it?  Many videos, struggles to learn another language, conversations, gardens, meals, tears, smiles, and one tiny old car saved from the scrap heap. Not a bad year.

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